Economics and Market

DURMES business philosophy is to have an integral service near the client that allows us to get all the aspects and different phases derived from our clients’ objectives.  For that reason, the working projects thatDURMES  offers have the vocation of integrating different techniques and knowledge with a common aim.

Market studies

The global approaches of companies in a framework of crisis, launching a new product on the market, the feasibility of a new product on offer, bringing in a brand, renewing or extending company production lines or the practical realisation of a new idea cannot be decided in an office nor been known by intuition. Market studies provide a wide range of techniques, among them stand out the following:

• Audit of the running of a company during crisis times: current situation, risks and alternatives, solutions and opportunities.

• Concept test: carried out at the earliest definition stage. It establishes the feasibility and the level of acceptance or innovation of a specific concept.

• Product test: it is done to assess the defining characteristics of a product. It is used to find out about the feasibility of a new product before its launch on the market (Hall Test, Home Test).

• Market segmentation: it is used to find out how the market is divided up in relation to a specific product on offer.

• Consumer profile: it provides important data on the definition of the target public.

• Positioning: The research enables the brand to be placed and ranked with regard to the competition.

• Image studies: they allow us to identify the characteristics associated with a brand, product or service.

• Communication studies: companies and advertising agencies use them to assess the efficiency of communication strategies, the impact, the recall-capacity and evaluation of the advertising (recall, advertising test and post-test, etc.).

• Support to communication strategies: with the information from the market studies, an effective consultancy project can be undertaken regarding all spheres of information and communication.

• Markets segmentation and the division of the economic activity into sectors require the carrying out of specific studies in each sphere of action. DURMES  carries out specialised studies in the following sectors of the economic activity:

  • • Estudis turístics
  • • Sector immobiliari
  • • Sector financer i d’estalvi
  • • Sector d’assegurances

Marketing plans

The main aim of these studies is to analyse the institution or company in order to establish -if necessary- the bases for strategic and organisational changes that will improve its competitiveness and its positioning in the market. The consultancy includes the following three aspects:

1. Analysis of the sector in which they operate.

2. Analysis of the competitive position, which includes an analysis of the current situation in a company, the detection of strong and weak points and the design of the company’s strategic information system.

3. Formulation of alternative proposals. Follow-up of the designed strategic plan and its degree of accomplishment